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Wanna know the #1 reason for unhappiness?

Have you ever wondered why not everyone is happy and at peace? Unless you’re an analytical nerd like me you probably haven’t… but seriously, now that I mention it, isn’t it a curious mystery? Why in the world isn’t everyone walking around smiling and overflowing with peace?  Everyone wants to be happy don’t they?  So […]

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It’s not as hard as you think…. Here’s why

I’ve been counseling and coaching people for many years and between this and my own personal journey there’s one thing I know…   CHANGE IS HARD!!! Well… kinda. What I learned over the years was that it was never as hard as I thought it was. The reason change seems so hard is because we […]

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Turn Off Autopilot – Wake Up To Life

Somewhere along the line in our fast paced lives, much of our lives became automatic.  We get up daily and go to work.  Most days we drive the same route there and back.  Our evenings are automatic… dinner, watch TV, shower, etc.   For the most part, there is great benefit to our routine.  It […]

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Reconnect to what matters

As we move through life, often in a swift manner, we lose some things along the way.  Some are bad habits, people who aren’t good for us, old ways of thinking which could be considered “good loses.”  But often we move so quickly that we also lose touch with things that matter. As you enter […]

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Forgiveness of self – A prerequisite to healing and peace

We must forgive ourselves. Self-forgiveness is just as essential as the forgiveness of others, if not more.  If you feel you have fault in the fact that you experienced your trauma, take a closer look. While there are examples in which that may be true (i.e. you were at fault in a car accident), there […]

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