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Wanna know the #1 reason for unhappiness?

Have you ever wondered why not everyone is happy and at peace? Unless you’re an analytical nerd like me you probably haven’t… but seriously, now that I mention it, isn’t it a curious mystery? Why in the world isn’t everyone walking around smiling and overflowing with peace?  Everyone wants to be happy don’t they?  So […]

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Turn Off Autopilot – Wake Up To Life

Somewhere along the line in our fast paced lives, much of our lives became automatic.  We get up daily and go to work.  Most days we drive the same route there and back.  Our evenings are automatic… dinner, watch TV, shower, etc.   For the most part, there is great benefit to our routine.  It […]

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Facade – From “You Survived… Now What?”

Some survivors decide to behave in a way that conceals their real feelings of pain and grief following a trauma. They may do this to keep people from knowing what they are really going though, to avoid having to have conversations with others about their experience, or many other reasons. Some are presenting a facade […]

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