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It’s not as hard as you think…. Here’s why

- Nov• 16•15 Written By: blog

I’ve been counseling and coaching people for many years and between this and my own personal journey there’s one thing I know…



Well… kinda.

What I learned over the years was that it was never as hard as I thought it was.

The reason change seems so hard is because we zone in on our end goal and it appears to be a million miles away.

We can’t even see the end.

We can’t imagine what a different life will look like…. What a different me will look like.

Will I still be “me”?

Who will I hang out with?

Where will I go?

What will I do?

We also do our very best but can’t quite figure out every single step we need to take… We have to figure it all out before we start right?

That’s where the problem is…. NO, we don’t have to figure all of it out before we start.

All we really have to do is start.

Start where we are….. Do what we know….  Just take the first step.

Martin Luther King Jr. gives us the best advice, “Take the first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

ACTION ITEM:  Think about changes you’ve wanted to make and goals you have.  What’s stopping you?  Have you been frozen because you don’t have all the answers?  Can you decipher the first step right now?  If so, take it.  See what reveals itself once you do.