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Your biggest problem isn’t what you think it is

- Nov• 12•15 Written By: blog

Each of us has had our share of hard times both past and present…

  • financial struggles
  • broken relationships with family members
  • emotional pain from past experiences

Understandably we ponder these issues searching for solutions to address them.

These aren’t our biggest problems though…

Our biggest challenges are the ones we don’t actually even have.

Many of us spend an inordinate amount of time stressing about problems that don’t even exist.

We’re worried about what could go wrong.  Fear of possible problems we may encounter in the future paralyzes us.

Sure, you could lose your job tomorrow and go broke shortly after.  Yes, it is possible that your long-term relationship with him/her could come to an end.

What is also possible is that you could get an unexpected promotion.  You could live happily ever after.

The list of future possibilities both positive and negative is endless so why waste your time worrying about them?  Why stress about something that hasn’t even happened yet?  Why let fear be the ruler of your life?

ACTION ITEM:  Make a list of the things that worry you most.  Highlight everything on the list that hasn’t actually happened and is simply something you’re worried can happen.  Cross those things out and redirect your time and energy toward developing solutions to actual challenges in your life.