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Start where you are… start now

- Nov• 11•15 Written By: blog

We all have goals, hopes, and dreams.

  • lose weight
  • change careers
  • start a business
  • quit smoking
  • save for retirement

For many of us these goals, hopes, and dreams have been sitting stagnant for a reeaaallllyy long time.

We have a good explanation for that:

  • I’m going to start on Monday
  • I can’t start until I take this class
  • I won’t have time until Summer
  • I’m not ready yet.
  • I might not be successful

Our list of explanations are really just excuses.  There’s really no such thing as ready and there will always be a reason to wait to move forward if we allow ourselves to create one.

You don’t need to have everything figured out.  You don’t need to know every single step in order to take the first step.  Start where you are.  Do what you can.  Use what you have…. NOW.  Trust that the rest will come…. because it will.  Promise. : )

ACTION ITEM:  Make a list of your goals, hopes, and dreams.  Pick the one that is most important to you.  Next to it write one thing you CAN do NOW to inch closer to it then……. DO IT…..then…. REPEAT