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Your life is what you choose it to be… choose wisely

- Nov• 10•15 Written By: blog

We certainly didn’t choose to experience the trauma we did.  If we had it our way it never would have happened.  We wouldn’t even wish it on our worst enemy.

We do however, choose what happens next.  Sometimes we’d like to believe we have no control because it relieves us of responsibility and allows us to stay in “victim mode.”  We can blame the past… blame people… blame society.  But if we live the rest of our lives miserable, that’s our choice.


If you want your life to change, if you want to be happier, if you want peace, if you want better relationships…

You’ll have to be willing to CHOOSE to heal.  Healing is a CHOICE you must make daily.

ACTION ITEM:  You’ll make thousands of choices today.  Make sure the words and actions you choose are conducive to your goal of healing, peace, and happiness.