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Be Perfectly Imperfect

- Jun• 05•15 Written By: blog

Be your best.  Do your best…….

Be THE best.  Do THE best.

One word changes the directive in these two sets of sentences.

We are living a world that asks us to do and be more than our best, it asks us to do and be THE best.

Be THE smartest.

Be THE prettiest.

Be THE most popular.

Be THE richest.

perfectly imperfect and unapologetic


YOUR smartest isn’t smart enough.

YOUR pretty isn’t pretty enough.

YOUR personality isn’t cool enough.

YOUR money isn’t long enough.

Next thing you know, without knowing at all, you’re on a never ending hunt for PERFECT.

You buy more and more make-up, more and more outfits, more and more drinks.

You try harder and harder to fit in.

You try so hard to be THE one that you lose you.

Take a moment and reflect on your habits and lifestyle.

What do they reflect?

Someone who is in constant pursuit of the ever elusive PERFECT?


Someone who is simply being themselves… focused on being the best them they can be?

Rather than trying to be perfect, be perfectly imperfect.  There’s no one else like you and you deserve to enjoy the love and peace that comes with acceptance of self…. without apology.

Love and Light