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- Jun• 03•15 Written By: blog

“It’s COMPLICATED”  …Facebook status for relationships.

Maybe you didn’t actually select it but in your mind you thought, “Man!  My relationship is so COMPLICATED.”

For some of us, if asked, that’s how we’d label our lives… COMPLICATED.

Someone asks about your life as a parent…COMPLICATED.

Your efforts trying to parent your child whose mother/father you’re no longer with…COMPLICATED.

Thoughts you have as you process where you are in life versus where you want to be…COMPLICATED.

When you think about how in the heck you’re going to make up for all the money you didn’t save for retirement…COMPLICATED.

its complicated

As a survivor of multiple traumas and a super COMPLICATED life as a result, I realized lately that I came to a point where I unconsciously expect things to be COMPLICATED.

Recently I began a journey to purchase a car.  Scary and COMPLICATED for sure!  Pulling up on the car lot, my stomach was in knots preparing for what I expected to be a battle between me and the sales person.  My anxiety was so high I almost left without even looking at the car I wanted.  I spoke to a saleswoman and she arranged a test drive… wait, wait, it wasn’t COMPLICATED.  So I texted my best friend expressing concerns.. my anxiety is even higher because so far, this has been everything but COMPLICATED.  Does that even make sense?  Why am I experiencing heightened anxiety and the experience has been nothing but smooth?

The words she shared created a vibration of peace that over came my body in an instant.. “Some things can be easy.  Let this be that easy thing for you.”  WOW… She’s right.  Things can be easy.

That was the moment I realized my tendency to expect things to be COMPLICATED thus make them COMPLICATED even when they aren’t.  I ended up purchasing the car with zero issues and experience no pressure.  It was soooo not COMPLICATED.

Since then I’ve been mindful of myself and challenging myself to ensure that I’m not creating COMPLICATED when it’s really not that COMPLICATED.


Take time in the coming days to pay attention to your behavior.  When you’re faced with what appear to be challenges ask yourself, ” Is it really that COMPLICATED?”

More than likely, the answer is no.

Practice saying yes to easy because most of the time, It’s just not that COMPLICATED.

Love and Light